Lowry and the true meaning of your “dream-sheet.”

 Former Air Intelligence School, present day Lowry

Lowry as an active Air Force Base was deactivated in the mid-2000’s.  Lowry has been redeveloped into residential and business.  Many of the former buildings have been re-purposed.  The Lowry-Denver community maintains an air museum on what was formerly the Base.

After two weeks awaiting the start of the next cycle for the Air Intelligence school, I moved into the barracks for the Student Squadron.  Two man rooms, a common washroom area, and views of the Rocky mountains.  For the most part, we were treated like students at a university.  On some days, but not all days, we marched in formation to the AFAITC building.  Nights were spent studying and working with fellow students on grasping all that was being thrown at us.  For example:  Plotting longitude and latitude three different ways, plotting coordinates for air strikes or artillery barrages,  the capacity of POL tanks from four different types of photos (vertical, oblique, panoramic, or a 90 degree scan), identification of Soviet-bloc vehicle and armor, interpretation of radar, laser, and infra-red imagery.  I had a great roommate, Richard Zarwell.

Lowry Tech School
Tech School barracks at Lowry.  Typewriter, LP record on the record player, probably Crosby, Stills & Nash coming from the speakers.

At the start of AFAITC school, all students were ordered to complete paperwork  for their “choices” of their first duty station.  I was soon to find out that volunteering for overseas (I checked Hawaii, Netherlands, Germany) meant that you were volunteering for overseas ANYWHERE!  I also requested Air Force Bases in California, Colorado, and Washington State.  (The sound of laughter in the background.)

The rhythm of AFAITC was very pleasant.  School five days a week, the weekends were free – for the most part.  Get through the BLOCKS of instruction, be tested, pass, and move onto the next BLOCK.  On occasion, we marched in parades.  We were inspected weekly, and we were brought in on menial details.  The AFAITC students were on a timetable, get through school, pass the tests, move on to the next part of your Air Force career.  On July 6th, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders came down for all students in my class.  For three us, including yours truly, APO 96307, 7th Air Force, 377th Combat Support Group.  And my first question was, “Where is APO 96307?”  The answer:  Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Republic of Vietnam.

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